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8 Signs That You Need to Find a Girlfriend

8 Signs That You Need to Find a Girlfriend

There is a huge benefit that comes with being single: Your only responsibility is to yourself, meaning you can basically do whatever you want. You also get to know yourself inside and out, which is something that’s essential to being a happy and functioning human being. However, indulging in that independence for too long can really change you, and unfortunately, sometimes it’s not for the better. Your initial love for the bachelor lifestyle can make you lose your motivation, or worse, your edge.

So, how do you know when you’ve been single too long? Here are eight things that happen.

1. Your confidence may take a hit

Being single for too long can wear on your confidence. Gentlemen, remember, women love a man who’s self-assured. Even if your confidence has taken a hit, fake it until you make it.

2. You might develop bad eating habits

Because who do you have to look ripped and sexy for? It takes a lot of effort to cook for one, and it’s so easy to fall into the eating-like-a-bachelor trap of heating up frozen dinners or not touching anything that cannot be cooked in less than five minutes. Make yourself feel good by eating better.
Here’s a tip: While you begin your search for a mate, delve into the art of cooking healthy food. Your next partner will love you for it.

3. Your dating standards have plummeted

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Being out of the game for too long may make you talk yourself into being OK with the first person you see, no matter what her issues may be. This is not a good thing. Sometimes it’s best to go on a few first days, and make sure to take things slow. Keep your standards high (but not out of reach). You’ll meet her.

4. You get a pet

If you’re starting to miss having a human companion, you may decide to get a furry friend. This isn’t a bad thing — pets are loving and loyal — as long as you’re 100% ready to take on the responsibilities that come with having a pet. Who knows? The next time you take Fido to the park, he might just help you attract a beautiful woman.

5. You start looking at your friends as potential mates

If you’re starting to fantasize about women you’ve been friends with for years, take a step back and evaluate the situation. When it comes to girls you’re good friends with, it may be easy to envision starting something with them, but is that really what you want? Is that what she wants? It’s important to tread carefully here — otherwise, you might ruin a good friendship in the process.

6. You’ve beaten almost every level of your video games

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Playing video games is a great way to unwind after a long day at the office — especially when you’re a bachelor. But if this hobby is consuming your life,  it’s time to get off the couch, stat. Venture into the real world, so you can meet the person of your dreams!

7. You turn to your mom for advice

It’s in a mother’s DNA to want to help their sons find the perfect mate. Although you’ve been avoiding consulting your mother, why not just give her matchmaking skills a try? It’s worth a shot — remember, your mother is always right.

8. You Google or reach out to exes

You start to think that breaking up with your ex was a really bad idea, and consider the possibility of getting back together. Don’t do this. Although Google and social media makes it easy to see what your ex is up to, avoid searching them. What happened in the past is best left in the past. The person of your dreams is out there; you just haven’t found her yet.

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