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5 Ways That Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

5 Ways That Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

Do you want to have mind-blowing sex? Then you’ll need to hit the gym. Research shows that exercise can do wonders for your sex life. Here are a few ways getting hot and sweaty at the gym can result in more satisfying intercourse.

1. Enhanced pleasure


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If you want to feel that tingle in all the right places, you’ll need good blood flow. Lucky for you, regular physical activity improves cardiovascular health and overall blood circulation. This means you’ll be more easily aroused since a big part of sexual excitement is increased blood flow to your genitals. This is especially true for women. A recent study found that female study participants experienced increased genital arousal when they exercised before watching an erotic film. The group of female participants who did not exercise beforehand did not demonstrate as much arousal.

2. Increased stamina

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If you want to put the moves on your partner without getting tired, you’ll have to get in shape. Thankfully, putting your body to the test at the gym can improve your endurance. Consequently, your ability to treat your honey to extended pleasure sessions will improve as well.

3. Improved feelings of desirability

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Working out regularly tends to improve body image and make you feel sexy. And self-confidence makes for better sex. A study conducted by the University of Arkansas found that people who exercise on a regular basis say they feel more desirable. Roughly 80% of the male participants and 60% of female participants who exercised at least two to three times each week gave themselves an above-average rating when it came to sexual desirability.
Tina M. Penhollow and Michael Young, the study’s authors, said:
Exercise frequency and physical fitness enhance attractiveness and increase energy levels, both of which make people feel better about themselves. Those who exercise are more likely to experience a greater level of satisfaction and a positive perception of self. Moreover, those who feel better about themselves may perceive they are more sexually desirable and may perform better sexually. The majority of individuals who are regularly physically active are healthier, and perhaps healthier individuals may be more willing and able to have sex.

4. Increased sex drive

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If you’ve been looking for a way to increase your desire for sex, you’re in luck. Exercise helps boost sex drive. This is likely due to the improvement in body image and increased blood flow. In addition, exercise releases endorphins, which are chemicals that are thought to cause a release of hormones that result in a spike in sex drive, according to Columbia University’s health promotion specialists.

5. Flexibility

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Getting creative in the bedroom will be easier if you regularly stretch and work those muscles. You’ll be more flexible, which means fun times and a smoother transition into those new positions you’ve been wanting to try.

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