Monday, 5 October 2015

6 Steps to Be a Confident and Successful Man

Some people have just got it and some don’t. At least, that’s how it seems sometimes. But the truth is, a person who often experiences success in life more often than not can attribute his good fortune to more than just luck. In one way or another, many people in our lives who are confident and successful are this way for a reason, and we’re not talking about being the recipient of a hefty trust fund, either. Here are a few habits from everyday men who work hard and earn their way to the top, whether it be at the office or in relationships.

1. Plan for the future

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It’s easy to resign yourself to the notion of keeping up with the Jones’, especially if your group of friends tends to enjoy a less-than-frugal lifestyle. However, don’t get caught up in the who’s-who competition, as this will rarely accomplish much of anything except draining your bank account.

2. Be responsive and available

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Don’t act like you are too busy or important to get back to people. In your work and personal life, someone is reaching out to you for a reason. Whether it’s a request for a marketing budget or an offer of tickets to a game, responsiveness is key to everyone’s success.

3. Ignore people who don’t believe in you and your talents

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This one goes without saying. You will be up against some pretty tough obstacles at some point in your life as well as your career. Whether or not you choose to overcome these obstacles, though, is up to you. Just because you’ve had one boss who hasn’t realized your full potential doesn’t mean success is not in store for you. Use such experiences as a chance to learn what your strengths are, and then capitalize on them.  

4. Make yourself indispensable

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In today’s workforce, so many people often do what’s inspected, not what’s expected. Don’t allow yourself to fall into a mediocre role at your job or in your life in general. Establish yourself as always giving your all. Constantly performing at your personal best speaks volumes and will ensure you’ll go far.

5. Never underestimate others

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Every CEO started out somewhere. Once you are in a high-level position, or even if you’re on your way there, it’s important to realize not only your own potential, but the potential of others as well. Don’t walk around stepping on other people or shooting down their ideas. Instead, make yourself a resource they can look up to, and offer wise words and advice, rather than assuming they are incapable. Not only will this serve as an example for others, it will also train you to recognize the strengths of others and how they can best be applied.

6. Don’t burn bridges

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No matter how upset or frustrated you become, remember to keep your cool, as much as possible, with those who irritate or have crossed you. Even if you think your paths will never cross again, you really never know whom you will one day run into again. Going out of a job you loath with vocal feelings of frustration could hurt you in the future. After all, you never know who will be at the next company you join.

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