Saturday, 28 March 2015

How Gov Fashola & I have managed our religious differences in our marriage - Mrs Fashola speaks

In an interview with Channels TV yesterday, First Lady of Lagos state, Dame Abimbola Fashola opened up on how she and governor Fashola have been able to manage their home despite their religious differences. She's Catholic. He's a Muslim. She said;
"We got married in the Church, the Catholic church, that is who I am, that's where you will take me from and that was done. But ever since then my husband has practiced his religion and I have practiced mine. There is no trouble whatsoever. My husband has his own part of the house where he prays, I have my own altar there with my crucifix and my rosary and everything and everyone is minding their own business. When its time for family prayer, we pray. I pray mine to the name of Jesus Christ while he prays in Allah's name & the children understand all that. My children are baptized and they go to church. When he wants them to go to mosque with him they go to the mosque with him.
Mrs Fashola also revealed that to get her husband to do something she wants personally, he would ask her to put it in writing so that he would not forget and give it urgent attention. She said it has become important now that everything that she needs to be done has to be documented and passed to her husband because that is how he says he can manage the homefront and the state effectively.

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