Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Why has Fasola refused to sign C OF O in 4 Years

Why has the Lagos state Governor refused to sign any C of O especially in the past 4 years for Government Residential Schemes like Magodo Phase I & II, Ogudu GRA, Omole Phase I & II, Abijo GRA, etc considering the importance of C of O to real estate business in Nigeria. 

Without C of O, you cannot raise a loan on your property, if you develop the property you cannot sell to anyone who needs to access bank facility. One will expect that the same State Government under Fashola that insists on C of O before you can get any Building Plan approval will expedite the process of getting C of O. 

Does this Government not realise that by issuing these C of Os they are directly and indirectly creating jobs for professionals like architects, builders, quantity surveyors, etc and artisans like masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc. 

Its not too late for this Government to revert to the former processes of issuing C of Os and change to Electronic C of Os when they are fully ready for it. Since the advent of the electronic C of O the processes has been grossly inefficient and ridiculously slow despite all the promises of speeding up the processes.

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