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''How My Wife Lost Her Pregnancy in the Hand Of 'Quack' Doctor'' - Nigerian Guy Tells his Sad Story

I share true life experiences on this blog cos I believe we all have one or two things to learn from each other. Again most times, we go through our pains in silence, thinking we are the only ones in that situation. But when you read other people's stories, it helps, a whole lot.

Please read Offshoreking's (not real name) very sad story about his one year old marriage. He and wife recently lost their first pregnancy after she was given the wrong drugs. We got his full permission to share his story here and he actually named the hospital that caused him this horrible pain but you know how we do it - I masked that part as we haven't heard from the accused. Offshoreking will be reading your replies, guys. so please do offer your matured advice.

Offshoreking's story:

Hi everyone, I just want to share with your guys my personal experience in my 2 months visit to my country Nigeria last year 2014. 
I was so happy because I will be coming back home in December time to get married to the love of my life, and also it been more than a decade I celebrated xmass in my village, not that I’m not coming home, but all had been out off festive period, This time knowing well that I had miss celebrating xmass in my village, I had to fix my wedding/traditional marriage during the festive period to be able to have all my people and good friends around, my reason also been that I don’t base in Nigeria festive period is when I will have most of my friends around from outside the country. 
It was a day to behold, first week of January, all fun, in traditional way, everyone was
around even some of my friends I didn’t remember to invite all came and our wedding automatically became the talk of the town, I enjoy myself and my pretty wife so happy too. My wedding came and gone, everything was normal, we went back to Lagos where we have apartment, we live and enjoyed our self, my mind was I will do everything possible to score goal before going back.  
Good news after few week maybe one month my wife start complaining the sign of pregnancy, I was so excited, my mind was flying, as a young couple, and also someone that is not around, at list my wife is loaded before 9 months we will have our first child, I was so happy, because already my friends had been calling saying guy try and score goal before u come back oooo, lol, I will laugh it off, I started thanking God because this is how I had planed it from the beginning, and it work for me perfectly, we were so happy, we haven’t gone to lab but she knows her body and she knew very well that she had conceived, I told her we should go to lab she said I shouldn’t worry, we will but later time.  
Few days letter, bad day came, she was seriously ill, after taking some isi ewu, it woke up all the malaria in her body, that night was so bad, in the morning I took her to lab and the man confirm that she is pregnant and also have Malaria + and typhoid, the man advice us to meet a doctor, that we shouldn’t buy any drugs yet till we meet a doctor, and her sister is very good nurse working with one of the biggest hospital in Island, Lagos. I wanted to take my wife to her, because she had been treating her all her life, but she was on morning shift, I couldn’t wait for the next day. 
My wife was totally down, my brother now told me that there is a good hospital nearby, where he normally go for treatment beside the man study in German, I was kind of wow, that will be nice, he quickly took us there, the place was not pleasing to me, but I said ok, he should treat my wife for now maybe if she is not better in 2 days time I will take her to her sister place. 
We quickly meet the doctor, I showed him the medicine my wife had been taking, I got it from a friend who have a pharmacy, he said it’s good for pregnant woman till I meet a doctor, that was when I was thinking to wait till next day to take my wife to her sister who understand her body very well and also knows more. I showed the doctor the drug, he condemn the drug, but he said he will not condemn a pharmacist because they don't know much, I said inside me Thank God that I came here, the doctor actually knows what he is doing. 
I was happy, all my fear left, I said to myself my wife is in a good hand. He wrote something and gave to the nurse who called my wife and gave her injection and also some pill to be taking, we left, he told us to be coming for injection and also we should go to scan. 
The next day came, my wife was weak to go to scan, we went and took another injection, this period clock is ticking go back to your base and my wife who is in her final year outside too, they had resume, so we are waiting for her to feel more better so that we will leave at the same time. She was complaining to me that the injection is paining her so much, not like the one her sister normally give to her, that evening of the second day, we went to the hospital, and the mean nurse again gave her another injection we left, we played and slept. 
I was in deep sleep, I heard someone crying, she been calling me to wake up, I woke up, she was crying, I ask her what happen, she said blood, my mind quickly flash I said inside me ohh my God Miscarriage, I didn’t want to let her notice how bad I felt, I ask her what happen, she explain to me, I told her she shouldn’t worry all will be fine, she should dress up immediately we are going to the hospital. 
I quickly dress up my car key and we walk down stairs to my car and drove to the hospital, met the same mean nurse on the gate, after kicking the gate several times, I told her what we are experiencing, she didn’t even show any sign of pity nor sorry in her face, she just said doctor is sleeping that we should go and come back in the morning, I said inside me which type of human is this, I didn’t want to show any sign of anger, because that will result my wife feeling bad more, she had been crying none stop, I told the nurse ok, we left back home. 
Morning came we went back there, the doctor said where is the scan, I told him that we didn’t get it, he said we should go and get it, we went to the scan, the scan saw nothing, we took it to him, he was counselling us that there was no baby that my wife was not pregnant, I was so shock and surprise, I asked him but the lab show pregnancy positive, he said forget about all this lab people, that the scan is what will capture everything in the womb, I thought to myself, what would I do, I was so angry inside me, because I knew already what the man was trying to do, my wife was devastated. 
my wife asked the man that she haven’t miss her period like that before and all her body change completely that she knew that she is pregnant, the man said it can happen sometimes, that ur period may come late, we had no other choice than to leave, my wife was crying, she knew that she is pregnant and this man had given her injection which make her lose the baby now the man is saying bullshit, I turn into counselling, telling her many things, that she shouldn’t worry that the doctor had confirm it that is not baby. 
I’m saying all this to make her feel more better, because all through this while she had been crying. She called her sister and explain to her what happen, Her sister told us to come, she have a small hospital in her place, we left to her sister place, immediately she saw my wife, she said the baby is out but she knew already by her sisters look that she is pregnant, she start cancelling her telling her all kinds of thing, for her to stop crying that she is ok, because my wife was even afraid if something is wrong in her body, she now told her that she will take her blood now for pregnancy test, that the baby is out but her blood will still show positive. 
She took the blood and run the test it became positive, she now ask my wife which injection the doctor gave her, my wife said quinine, raw one, I don’t know if I got the spelling right, the sister was so furious, asking us didn’t we show the doctor the lab result, we said we did, she said the man is a beast that knows nothing, she was angry, I became angry too, more that if I get the man that time it would result to another thing. 
Now my spirit was flying, you must arrest that beast called doctor, the sister said if we didn’t come to her it would have been a future disaster, because medicine have to be give to my wife to flush out the womb, but the doctor didn’t do it because he is protecting his ass. I was so disappointed, I didn’t know what to think of, remaining few days before I leave and my wife too her school has resumed, thinking of what to do to the doctor, my wife told me to let go, that we don’t have much time and I know how Nigeria police works, if we are around now, we would have arrest him and charge the case to court immediately, I have no other option than to let it go. 
Meanwhile the scan the man was talking about, the sister told us that before pregnancy will show on scan it will be up to 6 weeks, and for our calculation the pregnancy is not even up to that.  
I was thinking about my friends, some friends and family member had called already I told them my wife is not feeling fine they started congratulating me already that it’s a good illness, i look up and down, and said to myself God knows the best, in everything I do in this world Godwin. We left few days later, the same day. I just want everyone to be aware of the type hospital he or she visit in Nigeria. Meanwhile the name of the hospital is S***an Hospital A** P**ace way O**ta, I guess no 31 O***a, Lagos Nigeria. The street opposite N**e t***h dry c****er.  
Thanks for reading, and please pardon me for the mistakes. God bless you all.

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