Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Court Sentences Man To Death By Hanging For Stealing A Mobile Phone & ₦10,000

A court sitting in Akwukwu-Igbo in Oshimili North Local Council has sentenced a 24 year-old criminal for victimizing his casualties of a cellular phone and N10,000 money while furnished with a firearm.

The convict, Vincent Okwekwu, was indicted the offense of intrigue to submit furnished theft, the substantive offense of equipped burglary, which was decreased to a lesser offense of burglary.

The youthful charged who looked discouraged after the judgment was, be that as it may, sentenced to death by hanging for the offense of scheme while he got 21 years correctional facility term for each of the other two numbers.

Amid the trial, arraignment from the Department of Public Prosecutions had clarified that the unemployed burglar had approximately November 1, 2009 with two others now everywhere broke into the pads of one Ofoyeju Peter and Tietie Moses at Umueha quarters, Ibusa, additionally in Oshimili North Local Council and denied them of money adding up to N10, 000 and a phone handset while outfitted with a weapon and a cutlass.

Foe got up to speed with them when his victimized people raised the alert that pulled in individuals from the vigilance bunch in the range that prompted the capture convict, as he and the other group individuals attempted to escape from the scene of the wrongdoing.

While Vincent was captured, two different individuals from the pack, now everywhere, got away into a close-by shrub. Indictment further told the Court that the denounced, who was later given over to the Police, confessed to have carried out the wrongdoing in his willful proclamation however denied the charge as he argued not liable to all the three include charge court.

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