Monday, 6 April 2015

Marriage by Fire by Force

What has gone wrong is that our society is putting too much pressure on our womenfolk to get married and become "respectable" so they fall for sloths, only a few have liberated themselves from such shackles and are not ashamed to be single. I think more needs to be done in changing the thinking that a woman's real worth is only in marriage, that way some of these women would begin to look deeper into who they get involved with. These days, women enter into relationships with men who aren't worth being called men; you get a woman's head spinning simply by promising marriage. Most single ladies don't enter into relationships here for the sake of it, they will begin to act ‘wife’ from the word go and that doesn't go well with some of us men especially when we are not ready. Some men also know that the easiest way to get some ladies is to posture as potential hubby. I still maintain that when women begin to think less of marriage as the measure of their worth as human beings the better for them… so you think about it

An auto mechanic that came to work for me recently was going on and on about how his younger sister has helped the family so much-economically. After a while, he became down cast and I asked what the problem was, he told me that it depresses him that the sister hasn't brought a man to introduce to them-as her own. Imagine the funny mindset, as far as he is concerned…that lady is a nobody, for as long as she hasn't become a MRS. All her hard work and efforts at uplifting the family economically are all a waste…Until she finds some man(even if he is the type that will be hitting her every day) to marry her. It is truly a SORRY mindset.

Our society does not look at an unmarried man as unkindly as it looks at an unmarried lady…most ladies do not have the emotional capacity to withstand this kind of emotional pressure, so they settle for any third leg that breezes into their lives...even the pathetic ones and the number of ‘bad marriages’ remain on the increase!
Whoever has a girl child should teach her to (first and foremost) find her completeness in herself…so that if a complete man comes her way, they will grow together. Otherwise, she is better off-being alone and must NEVER let herself feel sorry for her choices! 

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