Monday, 6 April 2015

Two would-be suicide bombers intercepted in Yobe

Two would-be suicide bombers were intercepted in Biu town of Borno State yesterday April 5th. According to Premium Times, one of the suicide bombers, a male, was killed after he was caught trying to enter a crowded mosque where worshipers were observing their 2p.m. prayer. A resident of the town while narrating the incident said;
"Some of our youth(s) on guard suspected the would-be bomber carrying the decoder in his hand; and when they tried to frisk him, it was discovered the decoder was unusually heavy and the carrier began to fidget. As he was trying to escape the youths hacked him down and summarily killed him there and then”

Another suicide bomber, a male, was caught with bombs concealed in decoder devices of Satellite TV and made it to appear as if they were newly bought.
“The second bomber was caught at the Biu motor park. In fact, he was about to enter a bus that was already having passengers, when it was also discovered that he too had a decoder device in his hand and had a bomb concealed in it. Immediately he was beaten up but not killed; as he was later taken to the military barracks and handed over to the soldiers there” the resident

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